Grow your business. grow a professional.

We provide qualified interns to fill in the gaps  so you can focus on what matters.



As a busy and growing organization, time is your most valuable resource. There are only 24 hours in a day and you can’t do everything.

Enter Vibrant Virtual Interns. Our team will complete your projects with precision, timeliness, and personality. The best part? You get to help a student grow their professional skills. We’ll take care of the hiring, training, and management so both you and your intern can shine vibrantly!

Tired of feeling overwhelmed in your business?

Our professional interns will save you time and money by helping with sales, marketing, and more! 

You are ready to work with our interns if…

  • You’ve tried VA’s + contractors and didn’t like the results
  • You’re turning away business opportunities because you don’t have time to train new roles or the help you need to fill them
  • You’re taking on the pieces of business you don’t love or isn’t your expertise
  • You’re excited to finally minimize to-do lists and maximize balance


Our interns are motivated, fun, and bring fresh energy and life to your business! With our excellent interns, you can work ON your business, not IN it.

Social media manager

Boost social media presence with an intern who will plan and manage a consistent content strategy.

sales development manager

Establish sales processes and connections. Our intern will study, strategize, and execute leads.

client relations manager

Optimize communication with an intern who will email, call, schedule, and follow-up with clients.


Increase internship options and employee retention with individualized solutions (in house, hybrid, or outsourced).


Happy Interns.

“Vibrant makes new skills and new achievements feel accessible.”

Thomas DeLapp

“You can only learn so much in the classroom, especially in business when every company and every person interacts differently. This is a really good hands-on experience.”

Karsten Knoche

“It’s such a positive environment, and everyone working for Vibrant is just awesome. I think this is so, so rare.  I don’t know where else this really exists.”

Gwen Wheat


Meet the founder, Emily!

With nearly 10 years of experience both as a manager and a university-level educator, Emily decided business leaders and college students could benefit from working TOGETHER: business leaders can share their knowledge and experience, while college students can bring energy and enthusiasm to the workplace. Vibrant Virtual Interns take responsibility for some day-to-day activities so you can get back into working ON your business.

Curious about the internship experience?

Check out our blogs to get…

1.) Tips and tricks for business owners

2.) The unique stories of growth and achievement from our vibrant interns