Meet our founder and our team!

Founder, Emily, has worked with young professionals for years as a professor at UW-Eau Claire. She personally hires, trains, and manages each Vibrant Virtual intern to ensure they are the right fit for your businesses needs.

Working with our interns is a win-win for everyone involved. Our young professionals are passionate, excited, and interested in being a part of something bigger than themselves.


Emily Elsner Twesme, our fearless leader, has the full set: experience, passion, knowledge, and kindness. She rocks! Emily empowers our team every day to show up fully, with gratitude, honesty, and a playful spirit. Armed with experience and leading with devotion, Emily makes sure we all go up together. There’s no boss quite like Emily. She has endless excitement for Vibrant. Emily is a dreamer who loves all things food and family. 

Jack Hayden
Vibrant Virtual sales development manager

Jack is a motivated intern who tackles challenges by problem solving. He loves having fun and working with a team where everyone strives for something bigger. With talent for maintaining relationships, Jack exemplifies caring for others and wanting to see everyone succeed. Jack balances work by spending Sundays glued to the TV watching football or Yellowstone. As he’d say, “Cowboy up!”

thomas delapp
Vibrant Virtual content and marketing manager

Thomas is always eager to think deeply and learn something new. With great intentionality, Thomas works as an effective, fun-loving communicator within our network. He models Vibrant’s mission of valuing people holistically, rather than just as an ends-to-a-means. Though he’s an enthusiastic fan of meetings, you can also often find Thomas having great conversations, reading, or writing at local coffee shops!

ellie gaskill
vibrant virtual content marketing manager

As a believer in strong work-life balance and communication, Ellie knows how to organize a self-accountable plan. She finds motivation in the Vibrant story—building a business from the ground up—and cares for everyone along the way with kindness and honesty. It’s all about the positive culture while working with a team. Ellie also enjoys brunch, chocolate, biking, and a good giggle at Modern Family.

karsten knoche
Codebaby sales and development manager

With a natural knack for communication, Karsten values the cooperative, creative, and easy-going nature of Vibrant. He pursues the Vibrant mission to help people move forward and be successful in a timely manner while also having fun. Therefore, both in and outside of the workplace, he represents finding time to do the things he loves. A few of those things include drawing, hanging with friends, and playing basketball.

gwen wheat
vibrant virtual content manager

A creative soul, Gwen, loves the energy, engagement, and magic that the Vibrant team both exhibits and creates. She is a hardworking team member who is always striving to reach her full potential, especially while learning new skills. Gwen approaches going out of her comfort zone with time management, confidence, and innovation—one step at a time. Gwen also loves the magic that is dancing and chocolate chip pancakes.

Katie Mickelson
CodeBaby social Media manager

Morgan Detampel
Vibrant Virtual Client Relationship manager

Lauren Sichterman
Vibrant Virtual IT Director

Katie is a positive and confident force on our team. She has an intuitive sense of excellent project direction and persistence. Katie is a strong example of finding worth in creative ideas, challenging the status quo, and embracing the beauty of trial and error. Katie implements joy everywhere she goes and makes sure there is always time to enjoy a sunset, mac & cheese, and a chapter of a good book.

Morgan is an efficient goal setter with a compassionate heart. She is a responsible worker who focuses on enhancing relationships where everyone has each other’s backs. As an accomplished communicator, Morgan actively searches for ways to make herself and the world around her a bit better. She also knows how to add adventure to day-to-day tasks, like treating herself to a cup of joe and listening to Morgan Wallen.

With Lauren, problem-solving is her superpower. She approaches any obstacle head-on and with her direct, curious, and versatile personality. Lauren is a confident advocate who inspires those she works with to glow in their expertise. Lauren values diversity, support systems, and adaptability in the workplace and the synergy those elements create. She also loves to stay active and see live music—she’s seen at least 60!

Michelle Kent
M. Chapin Hall Law Firm Client Relationship Manager

Michelle has a heart of gold and a mind full of wisdom. She believes and exemplifies how people flourish the most when mutual respect and kindness are present. Michelle finds herself resonating with Vibrant’s operating factor of “assuming positive intent,” and understands how important it is to care for a team. She’s a people person and her favorite coffee shop (and maybe her second home) is The Goat in Eau Claire, WI.

Megan Manes
Vibrant Virtual Content Manager

Megan is a workplace ray of sunshine who values the creativity and flexibility of Vibrant. She problem-solves with an open mind and appreciates the collaboration of working with a team. A motivated intern, Megan loves the opportunity to learn new skills, gain real world experience, and participate in the progression of a team. She is a sweet, beach loving, TV disliking, and country music listening member of the Vibrant family.

Kate Tosteson
Training Director

Kate is a kind and compassionate leader who sees every task as an opportunity to learn and grow. She believes in shaping the future by shaping young professionals and goes above and beyond to see every intern succeed. Kate embraces how no one person is going to have all of the answers and embraces the vigor of people coming together to find a solution. Kate also loves reading and perfecting her homemade pizza dough recipe.


We believe helping students learn is not only great for business, but great for the soul!

Our Values:

1. Honesty: Being honest is necessary to achieve quality, growth-filled work.

2. Integrity: We are in the business of caring — about your work, coworkers, and yourself.

3. Assume Positive Intent: We always want to assume everyone is working to be uplifting, helpful, and in good spirit.

4. Over Communicate: Questions, conversation, compliments, is invaluable.

Our strength is in our differences and our weirdness. We bring our whole selves to work. We practice gratitude and sustainability and embrace playfulness and creativity. Our professional team is a family—looking out for one another, achieving goals, and having fun along the way. 

At Vibrant Virtual Interns, we strive for authentic connection and professional development without taking business so seriously. It’s all about balance. And we’re in it together.